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Thursday, 25 January 2007

Well, this is theoretically going to replace the previous blog I had on, because really most of the time there's no real reason to host your own blog, and I realised that I could use my GMail/Google account to write on this one. So this is going to chronicle things I make and do, since I've decided that I need to spend my copious (exaggeration) free time doing something other than yelling at people online about things that don't matter. At the moment the only thing of note I've got going is that I'm attempting to shrink down open source .NET instant messenger Shaim so that it (well, not the fancy frontend, but the core) works on the .NET Compact Framework, and Mono. The project is hosted on the fancy-pants code hosting thing Google Code project hosting, and at the moment it's mostly just an experiment, we'll see how it goes. The project is hosted under the name shaim-cf if anyone wants to look at it, but all I've done is branch the original Shaim code for now. I've also written a little sketchpad for my PDA, and I might well write something else which takes the images off of it automagically and chucks them up here at some point. We'll see what happens on this blog anyway. It might interest people. Maybe.

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